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Gallagher and Lyle

Saturday 29 July, 7pm
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Join us for our finale, celebrating a true Scottish classic duo!

Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle have been performing together since 1972, reuniting in 2012. Charting in both the UK and the U.S, the pair has a long and incredible career together of songwriting for the likes of Tina Turner, Hall and Oates, and Michael Jackson, alongside record producing in more recent years. Byre in the Botanics are thrilled to host this unique opportunity to hear this Tour De Force, live.


All Byre In The Botanics events take place in fully covered and seated marquee in the beautiful Botanic Gardens in the heart of St Andrews. There is a fully-stocked licensed bar on site and delicious local venison burgers on the BBQ. Why not make it a real night to remember and pre-order a delicious deli hamper for two? Hamper pre-order option available at online check-out and by calling 01334 475000


Any remaining tickets will be available to purchase one hour before the event at the Box Office located at the entrance of the Botanic Gardens (cash only)

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